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Address: 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Phone: 8(88)
Fax: 8(88)
Email: moonstyle.info


Acting Director, Academic Supervisor Evgenii Krouk

Deputy Director Andrey E. Abrameshin

Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Alexander Kostinskiy

Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director for Academic Work Sergey Tumkovskiy

Deputy Dean for Research Sergey A. Aksenov

Current Projects

Basic Research Projects in  2016:

  • ‘Temperature and field dependence of the non-stationary mobility of charge carriers in molecularly doped polymers’. Head of the project - Pozhidaev E.D.
  • ‘Behavior of structural and functional materials under extreme conditions’. Head of the project - Bondarenko G.G.
  • ‘The development of kinetic-inductance single-photon detectors for the visible, near and far infrared ranges’. Head of the project - Chulkova G.M.
  • ‘Macroscopic quantum phenomena at low temperatures’. Head of the project - Arutyunov K.Yu.
  • ‘Mathematical physics of complex systems’. Head of the project - Karasev M.V.
  • ‘Simulation of strain-rate sensetive materials forming’. Head of the project - Aksenov S.A.

Russian Foundation for Basic Research grants in 2016:

  • ‘Information-measuring system of numerical modeling and monitoring of temperature fields of electronic’. Head of the project - Uvaysov S.U.
  • ‘Study of the properties and search of new methods of amplification and generation of electromagnetic waves of non-relativistic electrons in electrodynamic systems millimeter and submillimeter waves’. Head of the project - Solntsev V.A
  • ‘Information system of diagnostic modeling of physical processes in electronic circuits’. Head of the project -Tikhonov A.N.
  • ‘Development of models of quantum planar Penning traps (frequency resonances, non-Lie symmetry algebras, coherent states, spectral asymptotics)’. Head of the project -  Karasev M.V.
  • ‘Poole-Frenkel effect and anomalies of the hopping transport in organic glasses and molecularly doped polymers’. Head of the project -  Saenko V.S.
  • ‘Analytic and algorithmic methods of synthesis of controllers for nonlinear uncertain objects, based on the equations of Bellman-Isaacs, in the problems of differential games’. Head of the project -  Afanasiev V.N.

Projects performed by MIEM HSE staff in 2016:




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