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Acting Director, Academic Supervisor Evgenii Krouk

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Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Alexander Kostinskiy

Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director for Academic Work Sergey Tumkovskiy

Deputy Dean for Research Sergey A. Aksenov

Tag "publications" – News

Quantum Size Phenomena in Single-crystalline Bismuth Nanostructures

We congratulate Prof. Konstantin Arutyunov and 2nd-year Master's student Egor Sedov at the School Electronic Engineering on publishing the article 'Quantum Size Phenomena in Single-crystalline Bismuth Nanostructures' in one of the most prestigious international journals Nature: Quantum Materials.

Yury Budkov Presented Poster Report in Oxford

On August 31 – September 2, 2016, a conference on ‘The Future of Chemical Physics’, organized by the Journal of Chemical Physics, was held in Oxford, England.

Article ‘Data Systems to Support Early Warning of Space-borne Emergency Situations’ Published in ‘ROOM: the Space Journal’

The article ‘Data Systems to Support Early Warning of Space-borne Emergency Situations’ by the staff members of HSE MIEM Research Laboratory of Space Research, Technologies, Systems, and Processes was published in the magazine ‘ROOM: the Space Journal’.
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