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Student Work Experience Helps Graduates Win Higher Salaries

Sergey Roshchin, HSE Vice Rector. Photo: Ilya Safarov, Ural Federal University

Sergey Roshchin, HSE Vice Rector, discussed the main trends in graduate employment at a panel discussion titled ‘University-Graduate-Business: How to Build Constructive Partnership’ organized by the Ural Federal University and Sistema Charitable Foundation as part of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi. The participants discussed the changes required in education due to growing competition and the approaches that universities and employers take to pooling efforts and creating a joint vision.

Sergey Roshchin analysed the position of young people on the labor market and said that those students who work while studying can take home salaries that are 20-30% higher than their colleagues in their first graduate jobs. ‘The idea of students studying for the sake of it, is obsolete: for a long time now they have combined studying and working,’ said Roshchin. ‘In universities some lecturers still think that students should only study and not be distracted by anything else. That’s a myth: when students work, it does not mean that they will become unprofessional specialists.’

Sergey Roshchin also outlined a problem that threatens the Russian labor market in the near future. Due to demographic waves, in particular due to the low birth rate in the 1990s, a very limited number of young people will join Russia’s labor market over the next 15 years. This means that the economy will have to deal with senior and middle-aged people. Competition for employing young people will increase, and this will have both positive and negative consequences, which is why this limited resource should be used with care. This is the most important background factor that will influence the situation in Russia for the next decade, if we are talking about employment.

Maxim Matsiborko, Regional Development Leader, PwC Russia, agreed with the HSE Vice Rector on the influence of experience on salary: ‘In our company, when hiring the employees with experience or who have at least completed internships, we offer them higher salaries, and we hire 20,000 to 30,000 young specialists every year.’

Anna Yanchevskaya, Director of Sistema Charitable Foundation, named the key skill that helps young professionals in their career: ‘The key skill that you can master in the university is self-study. It also applies to business: everything changes so fast, you see interdisciplinary approaches everywhere. If you study fast, you achieve success. It’s only a question of your motivation.’

Victor Koksharov, Rector of Ural Federal University indicated the people who help graduates build careers: ‘For us the issue of our graduates’ employment is one of the key questions. Students and graduates themselves play an important role in cooperation with employers. In a year more than 90% of the graduates find jobs, 80% of them work in their specialization area.’

During the festival week HSE presented a research and education programme titled ‘The Economy for Future Development’. This and more news about HSE activity at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students can be found on the webpage (in Russian).


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