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Acting Director, Academic Supervisor Evgenii Krouk
Deputy Director Andrey E. Abrameshin
Victor Romanov
Deputy Director Victor Romanov
Deputy Director Alexander Kostinskiy
Veronika Prokhorova
Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova
Deputy Director for Academic Work Sergey Tumkovskiy
Deputy Dean for Research Sergey A. Aksenov

Registration Opens for Optional Courses Starting in Second Half of 2016/17 Academic Year

From December 1 to 20, registration will be held for HSE’s Open Optional Courses, slated to start in the second half of the 2016/2017 academic year. Per tradition, these courses will be free of charge and open not only to HSE students, but also anybody interested in expanding their knowledge.

Learners will be able to choose from 26 courses, including: ‘Britain through British English, America through American English’, ‘Computational Modelling’, ‘Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences’, ‘Comparative Political Economy’, ‘Fashion, Dress and Personality: People and Clothing within Social Space’, ‘Islamic Fundamentalism in the Modern World’, ‘Psychology of Management and Decision-Making’, ‘Entrepreneurship in Practice’, ‘Philosophy of Violence: Politics, Sports and Art’, etc. You can view of a full list of Russian- and English-taught courses here.

HSE’s Open Optional Courses are open for all, regardless of age and education level.

To register for a course, HSE students should visit this link; non-HSE learners – this link.

When registering for a course, non-HSE learners must provide an answer to the following question: ‘Why am I interested in participating in this Open Optional Course?’ The ‘Application Successfully Submitted’ window shall confirm that your application has been forwarded to the course organizers. Please note that a course organizer may request additional testing or further applications as they see fit. If testing is required, users shall receive information about the process at the email included in their application.

Information about the place and time of Open Optional Courses will be posted on this website at least a week before their start.

Registration opens at 12.00pm on December 1.

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