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How to Nominate a Candidate for the Golden HSE Award

Nominations for the Golden HSE Award have started. The award has changed a lot since last year. There are some new nominations, and the nomination procedure is bit different. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a manual. We would also like to remind you that all HSE campuses can and even should nominate candidates for this award.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Golden HSE this year includes 10 nominations: University Teacher’s Success, Achievement in Research, Alumni Success, Contribution to the Development of HSE, Golden Person, Best Book, Best Expert, Secondary School Teacher’s Success, Friend of HSE, and Silver Nestling. Four of these areas have sub-nominations, which will feature respective candidates and winners. (Please be patient! We’ll provide you with more details as soon as we can!)

Also, we’re sorry to announce that YOU CANNOT nominate yourself for any of the nominations.

You can only nominate other people, and more than one in each nomination.

In most of the nominations, candidates can be nominated by HSE departments and even several departments together, as well as initiative groups of HSE staff (consisting of at least three individuals) and student associations.

However, this rule has three exceptions.

Exception One: Silver Nestling nomination. Candidates may be nominated by initiative groups of HSE instructors and researchers, as well as teachers of the HSE Lyceum and cross-school lyceum classes.

Yes, you got it right! Schoolchildren from the HSE Lyceum and attending lyceum classes can also be nominated as Silver Nestlings.

Exception Two: Secondary School Teacher’s Success. In this nomination, candidates may be nominated only by the head of an area of studies at the Lyceum, while teachers of cross-school lyceum classes may be nominated only by the director of the school where the teacher is employed.

Exception Three: Friend of HSE. This is for individuals who are not employed at HSE, but have done a lot for its development. Here, candidates are nominated by a special jury, and the winner is chosen by HSE’s Rector, Academic Supervisor, and President.

When you have decided on who you want to nominate, go to the award’s website, choose the nomination, and fill in the application. Please note that the University Teacher’s Success, Achievement in Research, Alumni Success, and Golden Person nominations all feature categories for various types of staff (as well as for graduates). Please determine in which category your candidate falls, and then tick the necessary point in the form. This is important, as each category will have its respective candidates and winners.

Furthermore, everything here is simple: it just needs the candidate’s first name and surname, their photo and an explanation on why you are nominating them. The latter is perhaps the most important point! Otherwise, how can the jury learn about your candidate’s virtues (especially if they are non-public persons)?

Even if your description of a candidate is quite detailed, there are probably a lot of beautiful characteristics still left unsung. Therefore, your candidate’s friends and colleagues have the opportunity to share them through leaving comments on the website. They can add comments when they sign in with their login and password from their HSE profile, or after registering on the HSE Forum. The more complete the candidate’s image is before the jury, the easier it will be for them to reach a decision. Please note that the total number of comments received is irrelevant. 

Applications for nominations are being accepted through December 7.

Already sent an application? Well, now it’s time to wait (and add comments for other appealing candidates as you see fit)!

Within the eight nominations, candidates will be selected in two stages. Silver Nestlings and Friend of HSE shall be chosen in one stage. The names of all winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on December 20, 2016.

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