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Nomination Process for Golden HSE Award Now Open

Nomination Process for Golden HSE Award Now Open


The Golden HSE is HSE’s main prize. HSE staff members nominate candidates, so the award provides the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to colleagues and show appreciation for their work. The winners are also selected by HSE staff - the Jury and the Contest Committee. Here's what you need to do if you want your colleague or student to receive this award.


University Teaching Success

This prize will be awarded to HSE lecturers (excluding HSE Secondary School teachers) for outstanding teaching achievements, exciting lectures and seminars, useful courses and user-friendly textbooks, an attentive and fair attitude towards students, as well as actively supporting colleagues in boosting the quality of teaching at the university. Please note that lecturers of online courses can also be nominated.

This category includes four prizes:

  • Science, IT and engineering
  • Social sciences and economics (including law, international relations and urban studies)
  • Humanities and the arts
  • Foreign languages, military and physical training

Achievement in Research

This prize is awarded to teachers, research associates, and postgraduate students at HSE and its branches for outstanding research findings obtained through their work at the university.

A total of three prizes are awarded in this category:

  • Science, IT and engineering
  • Social sciences and economics (including law, international relations and urban studies)
  • Humanities and communications

Alumni Success

This prize will be awarded to HSE alumni for outstanding achievements in research and teaching, as well as for developing successful careers in community work, public administration or business. The category includes two prizes:

  • Best academic achievement
  • Best professional achievement

Contribution to the Development of HSE

This prize is awarded to individuals whose work has resulted in improvements to the university’s reputation and to its observable development. 

Golden Person

This prize is awarded to administrative staff at HSE study offices and other subdivisions for their initiative, friendly interactions with colleagues and students, and active sharing of experience among the university’s staff. A total of four prizes are awarded:

  • To study office staff, teaching and learning support specialists, staff of continuing education programme offices
  • To administrative staff of HSE faculties and central administrative bodies
  • To employees of the HSE Library, Publishing House, Office of Information Technology, Office of Public Relations and Online Media, and similar units at the university’s regional campuses
  • To employees of dormitories and maintenance units

Best Expert

This prize will be awarded to HSE researchers for expert analysis and publications that have sparked signficant public interest or promoted serious changes in public, municipal, or corporate policies.

HSE Lyceum Teaching Success

This prize is awarded to teachers of the HSE Lyceum and cross-school HSE Lyceum for outstanding success in teaching, using innovative teaching techniques, and creativity in teaching.

And what about the students?

This prize in Silver Nestling category is awarded to current HSE students and schoolchildren of the HSE Lyceum. Please note that students of the cross-school HSE Lyceum can also compete for the award in this category. Doctoral students should be nominated in the Achievement in Research category.

The jury

In most categories, the winners will be selected in two rounds. The Jury, which include four representatives from each HSE faculty in Moscow, the HSE Lyceum, and regional campuses, will select a short list of candidates in each category. Faculty deans, campus directors, and Secondary School directors will choose the jury representatives from their respective departments. The winners will be selected by the Contest Committee, which will be appointed by the HSE Rector. The Jury will select the winners in the ‘Silver Nestling’ right away.

How to nominate a candidate

Step one: Choose your candidates. Don’t worry if you have chosen a lot of people – the number of candidates is not limited.

Step two: If you are an HSE staff member, gather a group of at least three employees who will nominate a candidate, or coordinate the nomination with the head of your unit so that you could nominate a candidate by the entire subdivision. HSE student organizations also can nominate candidates.

Candidates for the ‘Silver Nestling’ category may be nominated by groups of at least 3 HSE faculty members. Self-nomination is not permitted. Previous year winners of Golden HSE award cannot be nominated in the same category the following year. Jury members also cannot be nominated.

Please see the contest regulations for more details.

Step three — submit the nomination on the award website.

Step four (optional, but welcome): look who else was nominated for the award in other categories. Most likely there will be people about whom you have something good to say. Don’t hesitate to comment - the candidates will be pleased to see feedback, and the Jury will have more information to make a decision.

Please note that the number of comments is not taken into account when determining the nominees and winners!

Important dates

The nomination process is open from October 10 to 30.

The list of nominees will be published on November 15 on the award website.

The winners will be determined on November 27 during the award ceremony. By the way, this year the ceremony will be held on the anniversary of HSE’s founding.

And there is more…

For the third time, the ‘Golden Reference’ award will be conferred. Together with Elsevier Publishing House (the Netherlands), the award has been organized for HSE staff with high citation indices for papers published in the Scopus database. The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of experts from HSE and Elsevier.



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