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Address: 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Phone: 8(88)
Fax: 8(88)
Email: moonstyle.info

Acting Director, Academic Supervisor Evgenii Krouk
Deputy Director Andrey E. Abrameshin
Victor Romanov
Deputy Director Victor Romanov
Deputy Director Alexander Kostinskiy
Veronika Prokhorova
Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova
Deputy Director for Academic Work Sergey Tumkovskiy
Deputy Dean for Research Sergey A. Aksenov

Russian Prime Minister Congratulates HSE

Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister, congratulates the Higher School of Economics on its 25th anniversary.

Dear friends,

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

1992 was marked by the start of global reforms in Russia, liberalization of the economy, and the evolution of new market relations. That was the time when Russia was in an urgent need of professionals able to implement reforms. A unique university was created to solve these important challenges – the Higher School of Economics.

Over the last quarter of a century, your university has become an acknowledged centre of research and innovation that provides excellent conditions for acquiring in-depth knowledge and professional skills. At HSE, students can attend lectures by renowned professors, learn from authoritative scholars and professionals, and carry out research at high-end project laboratories, business incubators and analytical centres. They can turn intellectual findings into commercial products. Most importantly, here, they not only develop prestigious and necessary professions, but also help students unveil their potential, think unconventionally, generate interesting ideas, and solve complicated managerial problems.

Thousands of young people from all over Russia dream of enrolling in HSE every year. That’s because a degree from HSE signifies that one’s education meets the highest international standards. A spectacular example of this is your graduates who have achieved outstanding success in public service, business, and research. This is undoubtedly an achievement of the outstanding teaching staff.

I believe that the university won’t rest on its laurels but will further reinforce its authority through real actions.

I wish you further success and all the best.

D. Medvedev

Letter of congratulations by Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister, on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Higher School of Economics


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