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Deputy Director Victor Romanov

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Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova

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Teaching Quality Assessment Is Underway

Last year a new system of teaching quality assessment was introduced at HSE. It allows bachelor’s, master’s and specialist students to express their opinion on the teaching process*. This year the first wave of TQA will last till October 23.

 ‘Teaching quality assessment is a tool that can really affect the quality of the teaching process, — says Igor Chirikov, HSE Vice Rector. – It is not something brand new; it's a ‘reboot’ of the ‘Faculty Rating’ project, which has a long (more than 10 years) history.  Assessment results are taken into account by the heads of faculties, departments and educational programmes when adjusting their employment policy and course curricula.’ 

One of the main differences between TQA and the ‘Faculty Rating’ project is that now students assess not only lecturers, but also the courses according to four criteria: novelty[PW1]  of knowledge gained in the course, the practical value of the course for their future career, the value of the course in broadening horizons, and diversifying personal development, and finally, the difficulty of successfully completing the course.

This year at the request of the Student Council the results of TQA 2015/1016 will be partially published on HSE’s website.  Those subjects that scored 4.5 points and higher (out of 5 points) on the first three criteria will be marked with a special icon in the course catalogue. There were 421 subjects with such scores in modules 2, 3 and 4 of the last academic year.

What do first-year students need to know about the teaching quality assessment procedure? If you have exams in subjects that include hours in the first module, your assessment form is already available in your personal LMS account. Lectures and workshop are assessed separately. For more information about the procedure of assessment procedure please see the instruction

*Students of  and HSE/NES Programme in Economics don’t take part in the teaching quality assessment.

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