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Acting Director, Academic Supervisor Evgenii Krouk

Deputy Director Andrey E. Abrameshin

Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Victor Romanov

Deputy Director Alexander Kostinskiy

Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director Veronika Prokhorova

Deputy Director for Academic Work Sergey Tumkovskiy

Deputy Dean for Research Sergey A. Aksenov

IQ.hse.ru to Communicate HSE’s Research Capabilities

The Higher School of Economics has launched IQ.hse.ru, a new research and educational website containing articles featuring the results of the most interesting research carried out by the university staff, as well as video lectures, presentations of academic papers, and recent books.

IQ.hse.ru is a new media resource that brings the entire university’s research capabilities together on one platform. The website has been created on the basis of HSE’s ‘Open Economy’ (OpEc.ru) website, which had been in operation since 2000 and had accumulated an impressive database of scholarly research articles.

IQ.hse.ru not only introduces readers to the work being carried out by HSE researchers, it also offers an opportunity to quickly find extensive information on a certain topic through its collection of videos, academic papers, presentations, and books released by the university’ Publishing House. For those interested in acquiring greater knowledge or to structure their current skills, IQ.hse.ru will offer open online courses and continuing education programmes.

At IQ.hse.ru, you’ll find materials in Russian and English in nearly every area of academic research, ranging from economics and mathematics to psychology, politics and law. At the same time, the website will certainly focus on the fields that are priorities for the university.

‘IQ.hse.ru doesn’t publish news articles on pseudoscience or superficial “academic” research. We go much deeper and come up with ideas and thoughts that can add to our readers’ knowledge and be useful in everyday life’, said Maria Selivanova, editor-in-chief at IQ.hse.ru.

The editorial staff of IQ.hse.ru works closely with researchers, research laboratories and centres. In future, they plan to reinforce this cooperation and more actively engage researchers in the process of communicating with broader audiences.

IQ.hse.ru is an official HSE information channel. That’s why the website’s editorial staff also aims to help journalists from national and local media use the website’s news as stories for their own articles and TV programmes.

Visit IQ.hse.ru.

Marina Selina

В интеренете нашел важный web-сайт со статьями про гинеколог.
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